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Your Erasmus+ Partner in Antalya,Turkey

Internships are the best way to gain work experience, putting into practice everything you already know while getting familiar with another culture. This experience will improve your communication and interpersonal skills, give you more confidence in your abilities and increase your chances of becoming employed.

Sub-tropical weather, sunshine, beaches and the sea – it’s not surprising that the Belek Tourism Centre  are some of the most popular locations for holidaymakers in Europe. The Antalya an exciting range of outdoor activities and places to visit and the thriving tourism industry provides many opportunities for students to gain work experience.

Our opportunities fit your desires!

If you’re looking to gain real-life work experience about a certain field or industry sector, but can’t find it in our internship offers, we will create a tailor-made project within any sector to suit your needs. We can accommodate any field of interest, creating seminars that follow individual on-the-job training within your desired field of interest.

All placements are located in the Antalya and selected to match the participant’s background, skills, and job preferences. Check out our offers and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any special requirements! We have experience in organizing hospitality, sport, beauty and healthcare internships, but we’re open to new ideas for a tailor-made project!

The costs of mobility projects are covered by Erasmus+ funds and SERGED Academy  offers full service and organization of your stay in Antalya This includes the completion of necessary paperwork required for Erasmus+




Why this internship?

This internship offers young hospitality students the chance to gain valuable and relevant qualifications within their chosen profession. Through this experience, interns gain work experience while adapting to various environments and using the knowledge obtained during their apprenticeship to help further their career. Interns also having the chance to soak up some culture as they explore the tropical island of Antalya through different leisure activities and group excursions.

Students have the option of participating in a short-term work placement in of up to 6 weeks, or a long-term placement of 6 months.

All interns start their hospitality internship with a one-week basic Turkish course in order to linguistically prepare for their work experience, specifically learning language associated with the hospitality sector. Interns are then enrolled in a three-day course to help prepare them for working in a Turkish restaurant or hotel.

After their theoretical training, interns receive a spot at one of 4 participating establishments in their field of studies. Here, students work hands-on with local clients and trainers as they complete specific tasks, such as that of a receptionist, waiter/waitress, housekeeper, administrative assistant, kitchen helper, bartender and/or customer relationship officer. Within these establishments, interns are guided and evaluated by a supervisor, ensuring each student learns confidently and effectively as they gain valuable work and intercultural experience.

These collaborations always prove to be very successful, with 3-4 groups of hospitality students participating each year, so make sure you become a part of our team as you learn to thrive through this unique experience!

Erasmus+ Host

The costs of the mobility projects are covered by Erasmus+ funds and SERGED Academy offers full service and organization of your stay in Antalya. This includes the completion of necessary paperwork required for Erasmus+ projects, as well as airport transportation and accommodation either in shared apartments or one of our partnered hotels.

Project Outcomes:

Job-related skills and competences

  • Introduction to basic hospitality concepts and techniques

  • Enhanced skill development through hands-on experience

  • Enrich communication skills through continuous collaboration with peers and trainers

  • Practical application of industry knowledge as guided and evaluated by a trained professional

  • Achievement of some learning outcomes for VCE studies or VCAL units and enhanced employment opportunities.


 organizational and social skills

  • Promote social inclusion and well-being through seminars that address career-building opportunities, provide entrepreneurial tips and self-awareness activities.

  • Enhance time-management skills as participants are required to carefully plan time spent on each task during the working week.

  • Capacity to rapidly adapt to real-life situations in the context of European economic and business relationships.

  • Expand network through interactions with people from Spain and other countries as students openly exchange cultural information.

  • Option to join in leisure time and cultural activities throughout Tenerife.

  • Developing an awareness of responsible, independent living.

As the Host Institution, SERGED will fulfill the following duties.


Preparation of the Mobility Program,

Duration of the program, Determination of Learning Outcomes,

Preparation of Mobility Contracts,

Determination of Host Schools and Businesses,

Determining the internship places of the students,

Organizing accommodation and local travel,

Cultural and linguistic preparation of the participants,

Monitoring Staff and Students during the program,

Preparation and filling of ECVET documents,

Preparation of Learning Agreements,

Preparation of Mobility Certificates,

1-2 day cultural visit organization,

The European Union Erasmus + 2021-2027 Program, university students in Turkey, located in the province of Antalya Belek Tourism Center 75 5-star hotels in our BETUYAB to allow them to do an internship of 2 weeks -6  months (Belek Tourism Investors Association) and we apply our internship program in cooperation.

Our internship program is carried out under the guidance of our experienced chefs in our Guest Relations, Front Office, Receptionist, Animator, Mini Club Kids Club, Sports Activities, Hotel Management, food and beverage departments.

Preparing the contracts of students before the internship program and planning local transportation and accommodation services.

Monitoring the program during the internship

Preparation of documents and certificates at the end of the internship

operations are carried out by SERGED Internship department.

Detailed information about our Erasmus Internship program hotels   You can access it from the web page.

if you are looking for job shadowing programme or work based programme or stage programme long term or  less contact to us 

ERASMUS+ Internships for Apprentices | Vocational School & University Students


4-24 weeks 

Target Groups 





School Principals



Adult Learners  







Leisure Activities

Troughout Antalya





Hospitality Internship

ERASMUS+ Internships for Apprentices | Vocational School & University Students
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